Ten Days In…

by Joseph Harker

So far, things have been successful, and we hope they stay that way. Some fun facts about Curio thus far…

– In the first ten days since Curio’s official launch, we have gotten over 1600 views, which I think is far beyond what was expected. The support of our readers has been amazing, and we hope that word continues to spread. I’d like to thank Margo Roby especially for her kind words and helping to advertise the site to her followers repeatedly. Tell a friend about Curio: help us showcase the work of the fine poets herein and find more to display!

– We officially have a listing at Duotrope now, which makes things official. (Or somewhat, at least. I guess there’s only a certain degree of official-ness an e-publication can reach.) I’m not entirely sure how the Duotrope system works, but I imagine that the more submissions we get, the faster we respond, and the more regularly we put together issues, the more well-known the journal will become. I suppose that’s how it goes? Anyway, you can find us there now as a proud “fledgling” publication.

Submissions have been pouring in. At this point, if you submit anything, probably it will be considered for Issue #3, as I think we’ll fill our quota for the second one. (Tessa and I still have to go through them with a fine-toothed comb, though. We may also be looking for additional readers to help out in the near future.) There’s a lot of excellent stuff cramming the inbox these days…most likely it will be a busy holiday weekend.

None of this would have been possible without your support, so once again, thank you all very much! You can continue to help us out by spreading the word about the magazine, submitting pieces, or just stopping by and reading. The first issue is always the hardest; if we can get a second out there (maybe in early January?), I think we’ll have a fighting chance.

– Joseph