Curio Issue #2 Here!

by Joseph Harker

Four weeks after the initial release of Curio, here we are with another issue for your perusal. There are fourteen(!) poets in this sophomore venture: Gary Anderson, Danny P. Barbare, William Doreski, Joanne Faries, Richard Fein, Nancy Flynn, Howie Good, Kyle Hemmings, M.J. Iuppa, Kenneth Pobo, Aaron Poller, Patricia Ranzoni, Pamela Sayers, and Thomas Zimmerman. Fine work by fine poets, so please go have a read and give your support!

There might be some changes coming down the road in the near future (such as options regarding submission format, the introduction of art into the magazine, a mailing list, etc.) We also have to pin old issues to the menu so they can still be accessed, although you can still get to Issue One via this link. Please stay tuned and keep an eye out as we continue to grow and develop the zine. And submissions for Issue Three have already been coming in…