Third issue of Curio now live

by Joseph Harker

Attention Curio readers! The third issue has now been released, with work by eleven poets: Bob Brill, Michael Brownstein, Phillip Christopher, Nancy Flynn, H. Edgar HixJohn Mannone, Corey Mesler, Esther Murer, Ben Nardolilli, Bruce Niedt, and Nate Senge. Please go give them a read and share with your friends around the blogosphere. It’s been a crazy busy new year for us, and so the changes we threatened alluded to last time have yet to come to fruition. But fret not: they will be here soon, as the year has eased up a bit and we need to grow into a more developed magazine. Issue Four submissions have also been coming in, and we are starting to get to those… lots of exciting business happening around these parts.

Enjoy your wintry weekend with some poetry, and stop by again soon for more!