annette mickelson

Rancho Ynecita

When I was 15
    My father poked the oak fire with a stick
    And we ate hot spicy cobass
    Spitting fat and juice from the fire.

When I was 20
    I stayed a week
    And jogged in the evenings
    Jumping over the black hairy tarantulas
    Marching across the road, slow and deliberate,
    Like the ache in my heart.

When I was 50
    We walked the steep dry hills
    Through brown brambles and weeds
    Past broken bits of fence and rusting metal stakes
    Piled beneath overgrown oaks.

You wandered further
    While I waited in the car
    Pulling stickers out of my socks.
    Pulling stickers from my mind and memory.


Ribbons of honey drench my toast,
Melting into butter and crumb;
Satisfying sweetness fills my soul.

Dipping deep into the honey jar,
Sunshine yellow, full of dripping gold;
Ribbons of honey drench my toast.

The morning sun spills across the table
Warming my skin. I am
Melting into butter and crumb.

Bird songs fill the stillness. I take
A long sip from my coffee mug and
Satisfying sweetness fills my soul.

Annette Mickelson (Hoofprints in my Garden) loves espresso, exploring small villages in France and spending time with her horse. She spends her free time making a mess in the kitchen, the garden and the barn.