barbara young

Floating Past Amazement

she spins
for the first time
she’s a leaf, a yellow maple arms out
in the windspun running falling red and honey pumpkin golden
and you, bemused, lean on your rake
as full of love
as she is full of light
and watch her catch the one
that could not wait to fall into her orbit

In Fact I Was Not There

but I seem to be standing in the dining room
where Daddy had served us his Thanksgivings.
I am holding the receiver of the heavy black phone
in that room crowded with brown veneer,
and look like someone who is listening with comprehension.

Or, maybe I did go home
while the man talked on,
even after father became body.

Barbara Young (Briar Cat) says: “I’m a native Nashvillian, married, no children, two cats.  I like pears, cheddar, 1930s romantic comedies, and playing with words.”