elisabeth wood


she beckons ruddy ibis and a faded blue heron
then tells me she wants to begin all her days with me
at the sea and i think it might be a fine idea

she dresses cobwebby in staggered layers of stevie nicks and
at night she stashes stacks of tarnished rings on the bedside table
by my photograph

i can do this i promise myself until i stare up at
her bedroom ceiling with the sad painted stars and
then i remember that i have always preferred
the definitive black and white of
penguins and puffins

(“birdman” originally appeared as Poem of the Week in Oz Poetic Society, 29 September, 2012.)


My hair smells of coffee
and chocolate as I
grip a tin,
cradle a cup
and dream of lemons.

An American writer shivering in New Zealand, Elisabeth Wood sometimes writes poetry while flying in goat class to any place near the equator. Her poems have appeared in several publications including, Emerge Literary Journal, Penduline Press, Oz Poetic Society, and The Camel Saloon.