olivia snellgrove

Making Jam

I wait on the porch swing
sipping iced tea while
June’s blackberries simmer then cool
on the stove top, soon to join
Grandma’s freshly canned peaches
her stockpile of gingersnaps
and club soda in the pantry.

A red pick up truck approaches
kicking up gravel on the road
as her mountain-ripe berries
soon to be sealed, preserve the taste
of summer, serve as remembrance
on a foggy fall day long after
the berry bushes are emptied.

Olivia Snellgrove was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and studied English at Oklahoma State University. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma, but continues to write in her free time. Some of Olivia’s previous work has been featured in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Indigo Rising Magazine.