howie good

For B., Wherever I May Find Her

What a life! Rain and bare trees and, of course, hope weighed down by fatigue. Today I’d rather be almost anywhere else, a drunk and an exile, crumbling with fever in a French colony on the incandescent shores of the Red Sea. Every thought I have would end in an ellipsis…but there would be a moment when the wind, a hint of the escaped convict about it, shifts and the sound of your heart reaches me as a distant but discernible boom.


He staggers toward me,
jingling a paper cup.

The kind of books I write
aren’t the kind that sell.

Howie Good, a journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of the 2011 poetry collection, Dreaming in Red, from Right Hand Pointing. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to a charity, which you can read about here.