kyle hemmings

Please Take My Wife #9

When his wife returned home
& told him that she’s been having an affair
with a green grocer who gives good turnip,
he looked up from the crossword puzzle
& said that lately, he too had been having dreams
of sad cabbage heads speaking to him
from abandoned shopping carts.

The New Apollo Mission

I thought I was going to be a manmade rocket
careening past planets capable of sustaining life.
There’d be cameras taking pictures of black holes,
craters that would remind me of where seedy restaurants
once stood in the no-fly zones of the old world. Instead,
I crashed into the basement of a girl whose father kept a test tube
of Thomas Edison’s last breath. It’s good to know that even in death,
oxygen is still available.

Kyle Hemmings (DogPunk and Psychedelic Stinky Cat) lives in New Jersey. His work has been published by TenPagePress, Gold Wake Review, Nano Fiction, Wigleaf, NAP, and elsewhere.