bob brill

Nature Study

an insect
barely visible
like a tiny metallic jewel
on the rim of the glass
if I’m quick
I can whip out my 10 power lens
and see the exquisite detail in its wings
before I accidentally knock it into the orange juice
and it drowns

Null Interlude

nodding over a novel
at 35,000 feet
in the nowhere
between takeoff and landing
between reading and sleeping
between the hero’s journey and my own
boarding pass bookmark in the page
where story slips into dream
and the engines propel me
toward my future

Bob Brill says: “So glad to be retired. Now I get to play and what I spend most of my time doing is writing fiction and poetry. While lying in bed I sometimes find a poem forming in my head. This has been happening for about 6 years. I don’t think it’s contagious, so I continue to socialize, mostly with other writers, and especially with my wife, who is sympathetic to my condition and is a writer too. My novellas, short stories and poems have appeared in numerous online and print journals.”