jadwiga grabarz


our friendship was lying on the pavement like a five cent coin,
and she was running into the suburbs, into a shapely fall

(the fallen leaves matched the colour of the eyebrow and the stud
in the furrowed brow), as if it was already there

I also remember the public buses – calling hail Mary after her,
and she kept playing with a keffiyah

I don’t remember what the boys called her

Thread. Metaphysics with a Dog.

outside the window God’s voice
blowing up the clouds
he also uses ground-to-air missiles
the fire and forget type

the poor human race
that seems not to understand his words
from the very beginning
must have annoyed him

when the sky is flashing
the dog runs under the duvet
and squeaks

it seems to me then
that only he knows
what’s really coming

Jadwiga Grabarz: born in 1986 in Poland. Published her first collection of poems Gaszenie do snu in 2008. Co-author of Bzyk wiersze nie dla dzieci which was nominated by readers of Esensja magazine to be the book of the year in 2008. Winner of several national and international poetry competitions. Her poetry is published in magazines and websites, such as Dziennik Polski, Znaj, Megalopolis, Lamelli, Modowo.pl, Cartographer and many anthologies. She comes from a small village in former Galicia.