jason brightwell

White Knuckle Driving

It’s freezing out,
but I’m burning.
Trembling hands,
white knuckles,
wrapped around the wheel.

At long last,
this task completed.
The jeep is filled,
packed and heavy,
chugging through the night.

It’s hard to shift
from the shaking.
I forgot the headlights
probably something else.

When everything settles,
we’ll need a thorough cleaning
to get rid of
all the traces of you.

The Gardener

In a cracked
terracotta pot
on the floor
in his bathroom
next to the toilet,
he grows weeds.

They are
the only things
he can

Jason Brightwell lives in Baltimore, MD, where he finds himself regularly haunted by one thing or another. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals including Red Fez, Phantom Kangaroo and The Battered Suitcase. You can find him blathering on and on at www.blatheranddrone.com.