vivienne blake


This morning the sun said yes to the fog

and the river said thank you

for the chance to sparkle and glisten.


From the valley a blue updraft

of dust and seeds and wings

carries music and optimism.

Birds on a wire add sweet voices 

to the refrain.

A grey bird turns yellow

in the sun, as a small miracle

of light bathes the fields in gold.

Fold me up and leave me 

to gather dust in that clover-patch

of euphoria outside infinity.

Vivienne Blake notes that this poem is a cento culled from line written for the last prompt at Big Tent Poetry: “I have chosen (and adapted) lines from (in order) Linda Jacobs, Julie Jordan Scott, ViV, Dick (Patteran pages), Andrew Kneider, Julie Jordan Scott again, ViV, Cathy, Pamela Sayers. You can find the unadulterated lines here.”