a.g. synclair


within these red clay walls
reside bands of killdeer
who, like me
break into flight
when disturbed

Entering Paxton

A lone Waxwing
greets me from atop
an ageless stone wall
among brushwood
slough, and floret.

Fort Edward

an old pulp mill
wrapped in the arms of sugar maples
sweet gum
hart’s-tongue, and roseroot

white-tailed deer

the manascus
churning dark and violent
under a low, seasick sky

A.g. Synclair is the editor and publisher of The Montucky Review, a journal of poetry and prose. His work has appeared in a wide variety of on line and print publications, despite the fact that he doesn’t have an MFA in anything. He lives, writes, and otherwise collaborates in southwestern Montana with his partner in crime, the artist and poet Heather Brager.