bob brill

So Begins My Wander Year

with a deep throaty whistle
the ship shudders into motion
my wild heart
echoes the throbbing engines
I stand at the rail
and watch my parents
melt into the waving crowd
that dwindles to nothing
as the shore slips away
into the past


In my screen saver slideshow
two colliding galaxies appear.
Slow motion destruction on a cosmic scale.
In the seven seconds that the image remains,
I plunge into a scenario of runaway stars
plowing through vast clouds of hydrogen,
where new stars burst into being
and old civilizations die in fire and ice.

Great temples to unknown gods
vaporize in the inescapable pull of gravity,
and countless eons of exotic cultures,
inspiration for billions of stories
never to be told,
turn into space rubbish.

Could be our own galaxy
twisted in the starry arms
of a grappling sister monster.
Earth slung out of orbit,
all its burgeoning life frozen in darkness,
or swallowed by a rampaging rogue star.
Shakespeare? Not a trace.
Mozart? Not one note.
No one to remember or to mourn,
as though Earth never happened.

As the galaxies fade from my screen,
the next image emerges,
my granddaughter licking a popsicle.
The sun, our good old reliable star,
shines on her face.

Bob Brill‘s novellas, short stories and poems have appeared in about two dozen online and print journals, including Curio Poetry. He is the featured senryu poet in the Autumn 2009 issue of Simply Haiku. One of his tanka was selected for Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka Volume 3 (2010).