janice carey-keough

What’s Right With Today

What’s right with today
is the nearness of it

Morning’s been waiting
without expectation

That tincture of yesterday
dissolved overnight

You awaken to find
an acreage
within your palm

Marked Fragile

I imagine
that there is pleasure
but it has failed to arrive
in one piece

It sits atop or aside or beneath
in sections
while you and I
open and reopen each package
marked Fragile
addressed to us
or not

Janice Carey-Keough is a native Bostonian who succumbs to the lure of Florida sunshine for months at a time. Recently, her poems have appeared in print and online including Naugatuck River Review, Lunarosity, The River Poets Journal, and the 2010 Spirit First Anthology. She’s a happy co-founder the Origami Poems Project – helping the world, one folded Origami micro-chapbook at a time.