marian veverka

Lessons from the Air

In the days when windows were opened and closed
Letting the sounds and smells of the world drift
through our fifth grade schoolroom…

A quiet nook in an old neighborhood of small
shops and houses, back yard gardens, and
our fenced-in schoolyard. We could hear trucks

Shifting gears as they panted up the grade to the
freeway and the burnt-oil smell of diesel smoke
when the driver put the pedal to the metal.

If the wind was right, we heard the trains go past
Clickety-clack, clickety-clack and still more diesel
smoke, its heady perfume leading us to places far away…

In this modern world, no one
stays in one spot forever.
High roads, freeways, railroads all sing of strange places
We were intoxicated from invisible smoke and the smell of
burning diesel like an offering to new gods that were
always moving – moving on.

Marian Veverka hails from Ohio, and blogs at this website. This is her first publication in Curio.