b.t. joy

Japanese Marriage Counseling

my cup of tea, says the husband,
sits on another woman’s windowsill; steaming
into a night that could foreshadow anything

a vibrant colour glows through the fine china
of my new lover’s skin and the cobalt oxide
patterns of her eyes have designs on my body

we spend our days, engrossed in strengthening
tea ceremonies, and our evenings spill over
with the war-making of our passions

I too have a lover in the city, says the wife,
but in all these years we’ve not had time
for tea

Wing Of Wisdom, Wing Of Compassion

      by the summer pond
the remains of a bird

      and the only part
that did not rot

its wings outspread

      when we come to die
let it be this way

      no fixed body, no fixed home,
but, left behind, a thousand poems

and just as many, left unread

      and let those who see this wisdom,
this compassion, as reality

      also see the soul, a dance with wings
of Spirit, losing themselves in dying

but never lost, and never dead

B.T. Joy is a Scottish poet, haijin and haiga artist who received his honours degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies in 2009. He has written two volumes of haiku and his writing and art has appeared in journals in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, the USA and Britain.