ivo drury


Endless rain
so I haven’t filled
the bird bath in weeks
they line up to drink and dip
singing lustily despite
tea-stained water, bird shit,
decaying leaves and grit

We shelter inside
drink filtered water
and curse the leaden skies

Seven AM

While the coffee maker wheezes out
its caffeinated consommé
there’s enough reflection
in the chrome finish to note
the bags under my eyes
are now more infraorbital valences
than discrete lineaments
I’m thin, a product of diet and exercise
but nature asserts its indifference
to my daily health devotions
as a cleric’s to his canons
I could go for plastic surgery
but it’s going to be cheaper
to stop looking in mirrors

Ivo Drury workshops words into short form and prose poetry in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His work has appeared in print journals such as Lilliput Review and Conium Review, and zines such as Three Line Poetry and Four and Twenty.