alicia zuberbier

Valentine’s Day Card

Sometimes the entire world folds
neatly into cut paper and glue
like Chinese food into boxes.
Let us see if the entire world
also fits into the trash.

Arm Hair

Your arms are a quilt.
They wrap around
my waist like water
around a shoreline.
See the thousand soft stitches
embroidered on skin,
the moles sleeping
in the labyrinth of arm hair.
I would braid my breath
into those little hairs
if they were longer.


When I stand to change
the station on the radio,
your hand stays on my waist
until I am across the room.

Then your fingers slip from my skin

like water off rocks on shore,

asleep in salt-colored sheets.

You do not know how lovely
it feels to me, the cool
evaporation of touch.

Alicia Zuberbier says: “I don’t think there’s much to say quite yet. Being only 21 means I’ve only been around for 7,670 days, which is hardly enough time to come up with an autobiography. I’ve been published in Century Magazine and The Fox Cry Review, as well as being chosen as one of Milwaukee’s Best Creative Writing Undergrads. I like writing and painting. I dance. I laugh. I ramble. I spend too much time on Facebook. I suppose that’s it for now but I look forward to the future, where a more interesting autobiography awaits.”