robert e. petras

The Coup

Clumsily I write the foundation
of an idea while I tear down

the other guy’s home project,
the rabbit coop of the homeowner before me,

made of scrap wood like a poem,
words reused and made new, dissonant planks

snugged together harmoniously, lined.
I pry each plank off nail by nail,

each moaning the opposite sound of entry,
my coup of the other guy’s work—

disappearing one plank at a time
as though I am tapping a keyboard

one backspace at a time, creating
a nothing that is mine.

Robert E. Petras is a resident of Toronto, Ohio and a graduate of West Liberty State University. His poetry and fiction have appeared in more than 150 publications, most recently in Haunted Waters Press, Parody, Defenestration and Speech Bubble Magazine.