jeffrey park

I Saw It

I saw it, it was low to the horizon
between two chimneys
almost lost among a swirling high flight
of swallows.

The neighbor saw it day before yesterday
in his bathroom mirror
when he bent over to rinse the shaving
cream from his earlobes.

The kids at the playground
saw it but couldn’t be sure, they were so
busy climbing
so busy sliding down into the sand

and the lady who delivers the local papers
full of useless ads saw it
when she emerged from the building
blinking in the sunlight

and she told everyone that it just
shouldn’t be – it just shouldn’t be! she said –
wiping her forehead with
a crumpled sheet of newsprint.

I saw it above the rooftops but said nothing
about it, never having been one to
make a fuss of something that’s only
trying to provoke a response.

Baltimore native Jeffrey Park currently lives in Munich, Germany, where he works at a private secondary school and teaches business English to adults. His latest poems have appeared in Subliminal Interiors, Mobius, Danse Macabre, Darkling Magazine, Right Hand Pointing and elsewhere. Visit his website at